Installation done

Adequacy of boiler room and installation of new heat production equipment for hot water heating systems in the Faculty of Education Sciences, located in the University Campus of the Cartuja, s / n. from Granada. The installation of the new equipment corresponds, on the one hand, to the need to change the fuel used, currently gas oil, for another that is more energy efficient and has a lower environmental impact, and on the other to improve the performance of Existing equipment.


Two boilers with the following characteristics have been installed:
                           -           Brand BUDERUS
                           -           Brand LOGANO SK755/420
                           -           Potencia Normal heat output:459 kW.
-           Low temperature boiler according to EN303 standard, made of sheet steel.
-           Low pollutant emissions, in combination with a low NOx burner (charge per unit of low volume).
-           Supplied boiler fully assembled.


     Two burners have been installed with the following characteristics:
                          -            Brand WEISHAUPT
                          -            Model WG40N/1-AZMLN
                           -           Monobloc Construction
-           Modulating burner that works in function of heat demand, at any point within the power field. As there are no power steps, the fuel consumption is proportional to the actual demand of each moment.
-           Gas ramp of 1 nominal diameter, threaded connection, for a nominal working pressure of 30 mbar, formed by burner coupling elbow, W-FM multifunctional group (pressure stabilizer, 2 electrovalves, filter and pressure switch) closing.


It is The height difference between the floor level of the room and the floor level outside the street being less than 4 meters.
In order to comply with what is specified in the RITE and UNE 60601: 2013, the following actions have been carried out, among others::
-           Change of the existing doors of the two current accesses, by doors with a permeability of not more than 1 liters * m5., Under a differential pressure of 100 Pa, and equipped with a lock with easy opening from the inside, although Have been locked with keys from the outside.
-           On the outside of each access is a sign with the inscription: ASALA DE MAQUINAS. GAS GENERATORS. NO ENTRY IS FORBIDDEN TO ANYONE EXEMPT TO SERVICE @.
-           A forced ventilation system switch has been installed in the vicinity of each access door.


                         -            Model ILT/4-285 EX
                          -           Centrifugal Type ATEX certified in-line
                          -           Max Flow.260 m;/h.
                          -           Speed: 1.200 rr.p.m.
                           -           Population absorbed max. 43 kW.
-           Low-profile, dynamically balanced, forward-flow centrifugal fan made of galvanized sheet steel, equipped with inspection and cleaning cap and remote terminal box IP55..
-          Three phase motor IP55, class F insulation, with permanent grease ball bearings and built-in PTC thermal protector.
-           Motor antiexplosivo de acuerdo a la directiva ATEX, Ex II2G ExeIIT3 Gb: